Display systems

Presenting your products or motifs to ensure that they catch the eye represents an increasing challenge but, with our tried and tested systems, we at Techno Fot will make decisions easier for you. Whether you need a roll-up or a stand display, a cable or a frame system, we can offer you the best solution at a fair price.

Beach flag

Beachflag POS by Technofot

Highly versatile.

Both outdoors and indoors, our mobile beach flags are eye-catchers in a class of their own. We offer them in various sizes and shapes and with a variety of floor fixings for firm holding – in other words, to suit every requirement.

“Clever” tenter frame system

Simply ingenious.

Optimal quality, a large image area, compact design and tool-less assembly. Width and height can be easily adjusted at any time, to suit your needs. The system rolls up and fits into its own case, so is easy to transport. Also available with a variety of extras, such as lighting, shelves and consoles.
Clever Spannrahmen Display von Techno Fot

Customer stoppers

Kundenstopper Display innen und aussen Werbung von Technofot

Classically good.

Customer stoppers – the classic sales promotion option: standing firm and stable in front of your store, they drum up business in all weathers. The “Swing” model (shown right) is suitable for particularly harsh weather conditions and also withstands strong gusts of wind.

Pop-up system

Simple and efficient

Various folding screen systems in different sizes: curved or straight; ideal for use at trade fairs, exhibitions and other events. The framework – the spider – can be erected and locked in place with one simple hand movement.

Folding screens with magnetic track

Printed graphics panels are simply and seamlessly fitted together by means of bipolar magnetic strips to form a large image. Their portable box container can serve as a counter during exhibitions and includes all the accessories needed to transport the panels.

Folding screens with fabric banners

Our folding fabric screen is effortlessly assembled in just a few minutes. The advertisement graphics are printed onto woven textile fabric before being fastened to the folding screen system. The fabric is tensioned automatically and evenly as it is fastened and does not need to be removed after the event. Because the screen is easily assembled with Velcro fastenings, changing advertising messages is not a problem.

Stoffbanner auf Pop-Up Faltwand von Techno Fot

Roll-up displays

Roll-Up Display in verschiedenen Grössen von Techno Fot

Effective and inexpensive.

Roll-up displays make an ideal addition to a stand at trade fairs and other events. Inexpensive roll-ups offer a highly flexible option for drawing attention to short-term offers and services. 
The greatest selling points of roll-up displays are their light weight (about 3.5 kg), their quick, tool-less assembly and their low volume for transport purposes (they’re as small as a rolled-up poster). 

Below are the various Techno Screen models available, together with their measurements:

  • Techno Screen 85/100: single or double-sided; visible surface: 85 x 200 cm or 100 x 200 cm
  • Techno Screen Top 85: a more robust model as made from thicker aluminum
  • Techno Screen 120 XL: visible surface: 120 x 160 – 220 cm
  • Techno Screen 150/200 XXL: visible surface 150 or 200 x 200 – 300 cm
  • Media Screen 4: visible surface: 85 x 160 – 225 cm
  • Techno Roll 120 XL
  • Techno Roll 85/100: double-sided; visible surface: 85 x 200 or 100 x 200 cm

Special fabrications: glass columns

High end individuality.

As we have our own joinery, paint shop and metalworking department we can handle one-off special requests, such as glass columns. This impressive, sleek design – our own creation - is the result of a combination of high quality materials, including clear safety glass, satinized glass and steel, and perfect proportions.
Whether in your company’s reception area or as an introduction to a temporary exhibition at a museum, this eye-catching piece will create the perfect impression. These columns are tailor-made to your requirements. The printed area, which is in the form of a sandwich film, can be replaced at any time simply by undoing the screws.

Glas Stele Museum Hochertig Werbetechnik by Technofot

Techno flex

Technoflex Werbetechnik POS by Technofot

Light and airy.

These elegant display panels are available in several different designs (for example, with a folding stand with four feet or with a base plate). There are various height and width options. When connected to other panels, Techno Flex can be extended to almost any length. It can also accommodate printed fabric panels on both sides. Quickly and simply assembled, the Techno Flex is not only easy to use, but because very little material goes into its construction, is also very light for transport purposes.

Tenter frame systems for wall-mounting

Quickly assembled, changed in a trice.

Textile stretcher frames for wall-mounting are individually fabricated and available in any size. Fabric prints with a sewn-on rubber lip can be mounted very quickly in our textile stretcher frames. It is also simple and inexpensive to change motifs at a later date.
Wand Spannrahmen Werbetechnik Werbung by Technofot