Vehicle lettering

Fahrzeugbeschriftung by Techno Fot

Catching the eye.

Vehicle lettering is the art of setting a company’s image in motion. Cars, trams and buses are only some of the vehicles we print lettering for. We turn vehicles - big or small, from company cars to large HGVs – into advertising media. And of course, it’s not just letters and text that we can put on your vehicle, but also graphics.

Signs and boards

Lots to choose from.

Techno Fot offers a variety of materials for signs and boards - PVC, Forex, Plexiglas, aluminum, Dibond or wood, depending on requirements.
Silder und Tafeln by Techno Fot


Signaletik by Techno Fot


Information, guidance and orientation systems (routing signage) are now essential to people’s mobility in airports, stations, schools, libraries, museums, company areas and other public spaces. Lettering, notices, signs, columns and displays help people find information or a destination.

Visual Magnetics

Fast and practical.

We have recently also started offering Visual Magnetics’ unique new magnetic systems, which combine a magnetic film with a printable ferrous substrate. The Visual Magnetics systems are based on the principle of magnetic adhesion and offer numerous benefits for service providers, but especially for end customers. They are ideal for use in POS/store construction, trade fair/exhibition stand construction, in interior decoration and for training courses. They can be used whenever a simple, fast and inexpensive change of subject is required. The extra strong magnetic film also makes it possible to use 3D objects. Take this opportunity to make a change, either in your business or your home, because Visual Magnetics systems: 
•Enable the fast, simple and inexpensive replacement of graphics
•Allow partial or multilayer additions to existing graphics
•Enable graphics to be changed by your own staff
•Enable graphics produced to be rolled up, making them easy to ship
•Are extremely flexible and offer countless communication options
•Enable 3D objects to be magnetically fastened anywhere 
Visual Magnetic Magnet Applikations Technologie by Technofot

Digital Cutter

Digital Cutter cnc Digitaldruck Werbetechnik POS by Technofot

Great shapes.

Our cutting system, which has a working area of 227 x 320 cm, offers exceptionally high cutting/milling and engraving quality, as well as versatility and productivity.
With this cutter, orders are completed in minutes, not hours, with continuous and flawless high-quality cutting and engraving of almost any material that can be produced on a large format digital printer.
Multiple tools and dozens of materials = hundreds of possible applications.