Flags, facade banners and more

Facade banners

Having a big impact.

Facade banners are the ideal exterior advertising solution because they ensure your big ideas and important news get plenty of exposure. Our banners are fabricated in the standard way, with reinforced edges and eyelets. Techno Fot offers a wide range of options for presenting your advertising, from PVC netting and PVC tarpaulins to eye-catching decorative prints on textiles. Another plus is that most of our materials are flame-resistant. Expertly made and finished, an XXL banner for outdoor use, for example, will withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

LED Leuchtsysteme bieten eine optimale Ausleuchtung bei sehr niedrigem Stromverbrauch. Zudem bringen sie Werbemotive effektvoll zur Geltung und erzielen eine viel grössere Aufmerksamkeit als konventionelle Displays. Die Lebensdauer liegt bei ca. 10 Jahren bei einem täglichen Gebrauch von 10 Stunden.
Fassadenbanner Werbung Messe Basel by Technofot

Flags and banners

Fahnen Banner Aussenwerbung Art Basel by Technofot

Vehicles for advertising and image.

Flags used for advertising are more than just pieces of printed cloth that flap in the wind on a pole. They are effective vehicles for presenting the advertising and image of organizations such as public sector bodies, associations and companies. From the classic, portrait format flag to mobile flag systems for promotion campaigns, Techno Fot offers numerous solutions and the accessories to go with them.